Jeanne Gies & Helmut Nieberle



This unique and touching album of Jeanne and Helmut displays the fascinating and rare art of voice and guitar duo in its finest form. Proudly presented by Gabi and bobtale records

Michael Simmons; Contributor, MOJO Magazine; ASCAP Award Winner For Liner Notes 2015:
“The duo of singer Jeanne Gies and 7-string guitarist Helmut Nieberle is the musical marriage of two soulful, sensitive artists, both in full command of their respective crafts. They share a melodic and rhythmic elasticity that allows this batch of classic standards to breathe -- a gift that was given the name ‘jazz’ over a century ago and of which Jeanne and Helmut are top-shelf contemporary practitioners. Most importantly, this is stuff that comes from the heart.”

Scott Yanow; jazz journalist, historian and author of the books “The Jazz Singers” and “The Great Jazz Guitarists”:
“The pairing of sultry vocalist Jeanne Gies and the great German 7-string guitarist Helmut Nieberle makes for a fun and tasteful set of intimate music. The interplay between Gies' quietly emotional voice (which evokes the deepest meanings found in the lyrics) with the swinging and sensitive Nieberle results in plenty of musical magic. Highlights of the relaxed yet flawless outing include ‘Crazy He Calls Me’, ‘I’ll Be Seeing You’, ‘If’ and ‘Moonglow’.”

Dr. Helmut Hein in der MZ vom 09.08.2019:
"Selten hat mich Musik gleich beim ersten Hören so für sich eingenommen wie diese; und dieser Eindruck ist auch beim wiederholten, fast schon süchtigen Hören nicht verblasst."

Jens Hausmann in Akustik Gitarre 6-19, S. 15-16:
"... Wie ein schwebendes Tanzpaar schmiegen sie ihre Parts zusammen. (...) Nieberles Gitarrenspiel ist absolut mustergültig, insbesondere auch in den souveränden Solo-Parts ... und mit intimen Gesang ganz dicht am Mikro schmeichelt sich Jeanne Gies sanft und samtig in die Herzen ein. Toll!"




Ode to Billie Joe