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Howard Alden & Helmut Nieberle - Jazz Guitar Stories




Narrated by two inspired 7-string guitar players this album tells its own tale. One of those left over dreams proudly presented by Gabi & Bobtale records.

Sie „ … hat das Zeug für eine kleine, große Sensation vor allem für Jazzgitarre-Aficionados beiderseits des Atlantik “. Alexander Schmitz

"While this album is great listening for anyone, it was no doubt produced for guitarists. It's high musical art and a splendid addition your library. Highly recommended." Jim Carlton in: Jazz Guitar Nr. 69, Nov. 2011



Helmut Nieberle & Howard Alden




01 More (N. Oliviero, R. Ortalani)      
02 Hello Howard (H. Nieberle)
03 No Moon At All (D. Mann)    
04 Sarong Number (C. Kress, T. Mottola) More  
05 Golden Retriever Poppy Dog Blues (C. Kress)
06 Réminiscence (H. Nieberle)    
07 Vals Vinaigrette (H. Nieberle) Benzinho  
08 Waltz For George van Eps (J. Wyble)
09 Here´s That Rainy Day (J. van Heusen)    
10 Benzinho (J. Bandolim) Valse Noble Et Sentimental Nr. 2  
11 Valse Noble Et Sentimental Nr. 2 (M. Ravel)
12 Meremaid (B. Kessel)    
13 Swing 2010 (H. Nieberle)      
14 Rendezvous Dans Le Desert (H. Nieberle)


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